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Hey there, it's Karyn, and welcome to Limit.less Hair Co!

With over a decade of experience as a qualified stylist, I've had the pleasure of working with countless clients to bring their hair dreams to life. When hair extensions started gaining popularity, I dove headfirst into mastering the techniques. As my skills evolved, so did my passion for this side of the hair industry.


That's where Limit.less Hair was born – out of my sheer love for fitting truly stunning extensions and sharing the confidence boost it gave to my clients' when they see their transformation. There's something magical about how extensions can instantly lift your spirits and boost your confidence, and it's that feeling of empowerment that drives me every day.

At Limit.less Hair Co, our mission is simple: to make you feel as amazing as you look. Because when you walk out of our salon, it's not just about the hair – it's about the confidence and radiance that shines from within.

Welcome to a place where your hair dreams become reality. 

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Meet Megan, our vibrant and talented stylist who joined our team in 2021. With a passion for creating total transformations, Megan specializes in everything from coloring to seamlessly adding extensions, bringing her clients' hair dreams to life.

But it's not just about the hair for Megan. With her bubbly personality and genuine warmth, she goes above and beyond to prioritize her clients' needs, ensuring they feel heard, valued, and utterly pampered throughout their salon experience.

Since becoming part of the Limitless Hair Co family, Megan has truly shone, consistently delivering exceptional results and building lasting connections with her clients. With her dedication to her craft and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Megan contributes to making every visit to Limitless Hair Co unforgettable.

Ready for a hair transformation like no other? Come meet Megan and discover the limitless possibilities for your hair journey.

Using a real professional like us, means we can and will ensure only the right products are applied, advise you on after-care and also be able to recommend a particular style and colour to suit your face shape and skin tone! And even better, cut and style your hair extensions to make them look natural against your own hair. 

We use only high quality, human hair extensions for all our work, and will personally cut and colour every set where required, to maintain the strictest standards of quality and care. 


We're always in pursuit of the best, so I’ve tried many, many different brands of hair extension and all the latest techniques and products over the course of my career. In the beginning, I wanted to really build up my expert knowledge on hair extensions, so I sourced lots of suppliers and sampled their hair. I really did put the hair through the wars to see how it would withstand over time. So believe me, whatever you do to your hair, I’ve already tested it out! I also read up on the importance of aftercare, and researched every avenue of hair extensions, so you know you’re always in good hands. Since I began working with extensions, I’ve continued my training:


* Trained with Belle Academy to do micro rings and pre bonds.


* Furthered my specialised training in hair extensions.


* Skilled in weaves, micro rings, tape, angel locks, nano rings and pre-bonds.


*Trained in Hair Replacement with Stylista Institute

No two clients are the same, and every person has their own sense of style. This is why we offer a bespoke service to every one of our clients, and aim to have you leave feeling a million times better than when you arrived in the salon! I know with our experience, We can confidently pass our knowledge on to our clients so you can look after your hair at home.


We are committed to staying up-to-date with the hairdressing industry, and regularly attend new courses to develop our career and business. We're focused on providing a great quality hair, and hair extensions service in Glasgow and surrounding areas.   


Finalist Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards 2017 & 2018


Our aim is for you to have hair extensions so good, people will be asking who your hairdresser is, instead of where you got them done!

Get in touch now to book for your next glam-over!

Love Karyn xx

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