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Hair Replacement

Thinning hair and hair loss is such a hard thing for a women to go threw your hairs part of who you are. Before you've got to the stage of researching more permanent options like the hair integration system you've mostly tried shampoo and lotion to help thicken your hair which never work nearly as well as they do on the adverts. You may have considered wearing a wig to disguise your hair but it never feels quite right. 

Since I started my business it was a goal of mine to be able to offer the hair integration system to clients I want every client to feel amazing within themselves and good hair seems to make you feel 10x better I generally believe hair appointments should be given on prescription.

The system I offer is completely bespoke for you, to start off ill invite you to come for a consultation where I can assess you hair and the suitability to a system. I will show you pieces of the systems such as the mesh that the system will be built on hair piece options for the top and wefts for underneath if required.

We will go over all aftercare and Maintaince that is required while wearing the system. There is no pressure to make a decision there and then you can go away think about your options even speak to family about it.

The system is built to your own requirement using a breathable soft mesh this is placed on your head secured and shaped to your requirements. We then add a closure piece and wefts around the underside of the mesh. The system can take up to 6 hours to apply but this is the start of a new confident you!

There are so many options available with the hair system or parting piece which means you no longer need to worry if someone can see your hairs thinning or a patch of missing hair.

Why not book a consultation to discuss your options 

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