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Did you know hair extensions aren’t just for lengthening your hair! 

‘Hair extensions’ probably isn't quite the right name for them since they do so much more than extend the length of your hair. In fact, you don't even need to add length if you don't want to! They can be used to thicken fine hair, create texture, or completely change your style.


You could add layers, a temporary fringe or even colour without changing your own natural hair! That's a lot of possibilities! Maybe you can come up with a better name that covers all of that? We're not quite at the stage where you can change your hair colour and style instantly, so in the meantime in just a couple of hours, you could be an entirely new you...


Would you like to change your appearance just a little or completely with a new hair makeover? As a trained and experienced hair dresser, I can go through the options with you, from colour, length, style and whether you just want a look style to suit your face shape, or maybe something totally wild! The most significant benefit to using our extensions is that there is no damage to your own hair, and they allow your hair to grow naturally while wearing them! 


Did you know that the UK is the third biggest importer of human hair around the world! So, have a look around…can you guess who’s wearing them? Hair extensions are not just for vanity, or style, and many people have them fitted for other reasons. We naturally shed between 100 and 150 hair a day, so if you have fine hair this can be quite significant. Hair extensions can add volume and texture to your own hair, without causing any damage. This could be for everyday wear or as a temporary measure if you find you’re suffering from unnatural hair loss, which can happen during times of stress, after giving birth, medical issues and for many other reasons. 


Having your hair done is an incredibly personal thing, and I’m sure we’ve all learnt the hard way that DIY is never going to be as good as the real thing. I can assess your current hair condition, and advise on the best treatment and care to get it looking its best. So whether you’re looking for the full colour, cut and styling along with your extensions, or just straightforward length and volume, then I can make sure you leave the salon feeling amazing. 


Book an appointment and look forward to a more beautiful you! If you have a question first, then call on 07940012537 or send an enquiry.  



Weaves are great for adding instant volume and length, check out the weave page to find a style that suit you!

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