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Keratin FAQ


How soon after the treatment can I wash my hair? 

You can wash your hair anytime after the treatment but we recommend you use a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner to prolong it 


How soon after the treatment can I colour my hair? 

You can colour your hair 7 days after the treatment, we do recommend getting your colour done prior to the treatment. 


How long will it last? 

The treatment will last 3/4 months you will start to notice your hair becoming frizzer as the treatment starts to ware off. 


Can I still curl my hair? 

Yes curling your hair will not affect the effects of the keratin treatment 


How long does it take?

The treatment will take between 2- 3.5hrs depending on the length of your hair and thickness 


Does a keratin damage your hair? 

No keratin treatment help to add keratin to the internal structure of your hair making it stronger 


Keratin blowdry process

-Your hair is washed using a cleansing shampoo.

-Your hair is then dried 

-We then apply the keratin treatment to your hair in small sections combing threw to ensure good saturation. 

-The treatment is left to process for 20mins 

-the treatment is then dried into your hair 

    ⁃    we then straighten each section of hair around 10x (depending on your hair type) 

    ⁃    The treatment is then rinsed out 

    ⁃    We apply a hair treatment

    ⁃    Your hair is then blow dried (we like to blast alot your hair dry so you can see the results)  

Can I get a keratin while wearing extensions?

We advise that you have your extensions removed before your keratin they can be reapplied after the treatment is complete

Is your hair becoming unruly with the crazy winter weather ❄️ ⠀⠀_Here are just some of the
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