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All the details on hair botox

Have you heard of hair Botox? 

Let me tell you about it, hair botox treatment is the ultimate hair revival treatment for over-processed, dehydrated or damaged hair. The treatment works to fill-in microscopic gaps in damaged hair fibres, taming frizz, treating split-ends and leaving a silky, shiny and more youthful-looking appearance. 

This treatment is great for de frizzing you without you losing your curls or volume. 

-Your hair is shampooed in salon with a clarifying shampoo

We then 

  • You hair is lightly blow-dried to around 70% dry 

  • The Treatment is then applied to your hair 

  • The Treatment is then left 20/30 Minutes depending on the condition of your hair 

  • The treatment is then dried into your hair

  • We then straighten each section of your hair to seal the treatment in.

You need to keep your hair down and straight for the first 24hrs after the treatment. 

After this you are free to wash your hair but ensure you use a Sulphate Free Shampoo &. Conditioner to ensure you get the best results.

The treatment will last around 3 month 

As an all in one treatment, it provides several benefits: 

-Restores damaged hair

-Improves texture and shine

-Tames frizz

-Treats split ends

-Provides UV protection

-Hydrates and deeply conditions the hair

The treatment can be done 2 weeks prior to colour or 2 weeks after for best results 

A skin test is required 48hrs before the treatment to ensure your not allergic to the product

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