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It’s important to remember your why

Updated: May 10, 2020

I always loved the smell of salons growing up doesn’t everyone?

It also looked like such a fun place to work. When I left school I got a apprenticeship in a local salon and I loved every minute of it even tho I think the first week I started I would come in and fall asleep who knew school was so easy compared to a full time job 😦

Anyway let’s skip ahead a few years, I had completed my hairdressing training and was now qualified hairdresser.

You know that year when everyone was getting a graduated bob 🙈 biggest mistake of my life. So I decided to get my hair cut in a graduated bob and instantly hated it 😔

I decided to start looking for extensions until my hair grew out. I found a stylist that did weaves and convinced john to pay for it for my Christmas present ☺️

I went to my appointment to get my weave fitted wow I didn’t only have long hair but I felt like I just had some weird kind of facelift it was a braided weave. I couldn’t believe how good I felt about my self just having my long locks back.

From that moment on I knew I wanted to specialise in extensions and give women the hair they dreamed of. I spent some time researching courses and finally found one that looked great 👍

As with everything you learn the basics on the course but the real learning starts when you start to do the job. I advertised for models and took my buisness mobile at nights while I was still working in the salon during the day.

I spent hours and hours researching hair suppliers, building a website, practising on my dolls head. As my extension Buisness started to take off I decided to go part time in the salon to allow me to take on more hair extensions clients.

Eventually I got to the point where I really could do it full time and I probably should have made the jump a long time before I did, but it’s scary to think that I would need to make all my income and someone else wasn’t going to pay me for doing the job.

John and I where moving into a new house which would then give me a room to work from home so it was the perfect time to take my buisness full time.

The salon room was the very first room to be done in the house and I actually remember doing some clients when I didn’t even have the flooring down yet 🙈

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