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Sleep Smart

Do you wake up in the morning and think oh god I look like I’ve dragged threw a bush?

Did you know that 1 of the main causes of hair breakage is friction especially when it occurs repeatedly over time and this can be caused by your hair rubbing off rough surfaces such as your pillow case. 🙈

I really recommend getting yourself a silk turban these are super great for protecting your hair while you sleep, simply give your hair a brush wrap it as if your going to put it in a bun then pop on your silk turban and your hair is protected from the friction cause by you rolling about your pillow in the middle of the night.

If you’re thinking I can’t wear one of them the next best thing would be a silk pillowcase.

Opt for loose braid or pony going to bed using a silk scrunchie or spiral bobble I find are best.

If your hair is feeling a little dry a little hair oil on your ends before going to bed can make the world of difference giving it time to soak in and give your hair some much needed nourishment.

Anything you’d love to know about let me know.

Hope you have a amazing week.

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