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How to grow your hair while wearing extensions

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

So you cut your hair or it just doesn’t get past that certain length and stops growing .

Here’s my top tips for helping your hair grow while wearing extensions.

  1. Get your hair cut every 16 weeks or there a-bouts at your 2nd refit, have all your extensions taken out and have a little trim off the ends. If you don’t look after the split ends of your hair all that happens is the damage travels further up the hair shaft and lead to breakage so you won’t even realise your hair has grown because it’s broken off in your hair brush. And you’ll be thinking my hair just never grows 🤧

  2. If your hair is around shoulder length let’s say 12” and your hair grows around 0.5 inch’s a months that’s roughly 6” a year so do you know the ends of your hair are about 2 years old 😮 there delicate and need some extra nourishment so I would always recommend doing a intense hair treatment every 2 weeks at the very minimum. You could also use a daily moisture treatment on your hair such a hair oil or INNOLuxe exlir is a great one. You wouldn’t not moisturise your face so don’t forgot about your ends either.

  3. Use less heat where possible on your ends. And always make sure you use a heat protection.

  4. Avoid tying your hair up in tight bobbles this can lead to breakage around the mid lengths of your hair creating a layer in your hair you weren’t expecting.

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